Photo shoot

You love animals just as much as we do and attach great importance to the animals having a loving home and being treated with respect? Then you have come to the right place!

The photo shoots always take place where the animals are and I would be happy to come to you if you would like to book a photo shoot with your own animal.


All successful photos in optimized form

Rental of the animal

Online gallery (valid for 1 year)

Private right of use

Luxury package „Queen"

Package „Princess"

Package „Duchess"

2 h photo shoot

6 photos elaborately retouched

6 photos as prints

Styling, dress rental, brunch with champagne reception and wall mural

50 CHF donation to Chatzestübli

50 min. photo shoot

2 photos elaborately retouched

25 CHF donation to Chatzestübli

25 min. photo shoot

1 photo elaborately retouched

2299 CHF

399 CHF

699 CHF

incl. VAT

incl. VAT

incl. VAT

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Book now

Book now

Will only be confirmed after 2 bookings

Another 50 minutes photo shoot with 2 retouched photos cost 599 CHF. The prices for photo shoots with your own pet are the same except for the luxury package, which costs 1999 CHF with your own pet.

Birthday package

50 min. photo shoot

2 photos elaborately retouched

dress rental

25 CHF donation to Chatzestübli

799 CHF

The photo shoot must take place no later than one month after the birthday.

incl. VAT

Luxury package "Queen"

Are you ready to let yourself be spoilt for a day? A very special day just for you!

Professional styling

2 h photo shoot

8 photos elaborately retouched

"The luxury package is better than any wellness weekend".

dress rental



Brunch with champagne reception

"Anne makes me feel like a queen every time!"

mural 50 x 75 cm

60 CHF donation to Chatzestübli


The luxury package is an absolute must for you if you want to treat yourself to something really special! By the way, if you book the luxury package with your own pet, you save 200 CHF.

Yes, I am interested!

More information

Here you can find an overview of the animals we shoot with and where they are located.


Here you will find an overview of the clothes you can rent (included in the luxury package and birthday package).


You can book your styling (included in the luxury package) and receive recommendations from me.

Here you will find the vouchers you can buy.



Booking & Payment

Once you have decided for this wonderful photo shoot and made the booking online here, you will receive a contract and an invoice. You can easily sign the contract digitally. The invoice is due within 10 days. On request you can also arrange payment in instalments. Your photo shoot will only be confirmed after deposit or full payment and signing of the contract.



After your photo shoot has been confirmed, I will send you a photo shoot guide with lots of information on how to prepare. You will also receive a list of recommendations of make-up artists if you would like to book professional styling (included in the luxury package). If you would like to book a dress, you are cordially invited to come to a dress fitting near Zurich.




At least two weeks before the photo shoot, you will receive a schedule with all the details of where and at what time exactly the photo shoot will take place. Please be on time, as the photo shoot cannot be postponed. Plan enough time for the journey in case of traffic jams. If you have a longer journey (2.5 hours or more), I advise you to stay overnight near the location. Depending on the location, I can recommend accommodation on request.


Your photo shoot

No experience in front of the camera is necessary and you don't have to have "model measurements". EVERY woman or man looks stunning in my photos. Especially the encounter with animals triggers feelings of happiness!

So just relax and enjoy this wonderful experience.


Your photos

You will receive all successful photos in optimized form usually within a few days (after 2 weeks at the latest) via an online gallery, where you can choose a certain number of photos that will be retouched. In your online gallery, there are also great photo gifts that you can order, such as wall pictures. You are welcome to use both the optimized and the retouched photos (private right of use). Independent editing (incl. Instagram filters) is not permitted. You can order additional retouched photos for an additional fee.

On the left you see the optimized version with light and colour adjustments. On the right you see the retouched photo, which includes an elaborate portrait retouch, background retouch (replacing the background if necessary), retouch of the animal and of course my unique colour look.

Are you ready for a very special experience?

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