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Do you love animals?

Welcome to our world of magical human-animal encounters!

We love animals, and for us the well-being of the animal has top priority. Because only when the animal feels comfortable, too, can truly intimate photographs be taken.

Anne, photographer, and her team create unique experiences, such as shootings, trips and events in Switzerland, Germany and South Africa.

Discover magical moments

Exclusive human-animal shootings

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Where do the shootings take place?

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„Wow, Anne is absolutely responsive to you, takes away the fear of "not being perfect" and is even spontaneous during the photo shoots (in my case my partner was allowed to be in the pictures unannounced). You can see her experience, and she is such a warm-hearted person. If, like me, you have doubts about yourself, then book with her, because you definitely won't forget this experience.“

The well-being of the animal has top priority

We can experience wonderful, harmonious and above all informal encounters between humans and animals if we give the animal the freedom to decide for itself how much closeness it will allow to humans.

We create natural and informal poses by offering food. In doing so, we show a lot of patience and empathy.

Everyone should feel comfortable, but especially the animal!

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Recommendations for spring

Birds of prey


Shire Horses

Basel (Switzerland)

Bern (Switzerland)

aarau (switzerland)

No location is better suited than a castle ruin, which provides a breathtaking backdrop for a unique photo shoot with birds of prey.

Surrounded by white cherry and pink apple blossoms, your owl shoot will be an unforgettable experience!

Spring is the ideal time of year for a Shire Horse shoot surrounded by blossoms and a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Recommendations for the summer




Eschlikon, TG (switzerland)

near St. Gallen (switzerland)

near Biel (switzerland)

Photo shoots with snakes are only possible in warm temperatures, so they are perfect for the summer.

Photo shoots with camels are ideal for all who love to cuddle. Camels are so trusting and friendly and make you feel like being in a dream of the „Arabian nights“.

Photo shoots with parrots are unique, because parrots take our hearts by storm with their cheeky sweet nature!

Recommendations for autumn




Spiez, BE (Switzerland)



Shooting with owls in autumn is a real highlight, as the vineyards at sunrise provide a unique setting for the shoots!

Photo shoots with wolfhounds in autumn are particularly exciting because there are two beautiful locations, such as the Red Maple and a beautiful autumn location with coloured autumn leaves.

Shootings with alpacas are especially recommendable because the colour of their fur goes perfectly with the autumn scenery. Alpacas are curious and so fluffy!

Recommendations for the winter




Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Lenzerheide or muoathatal (Switzerland)

Kriechenwil, BE (switzerland)

Reindeer in winter are unique and make „fairytale dreams“ come true! With a bit of luck we might even have snow.

In Lenzerheide we definitely have snow during the winter months, and in Muotathal there is a high probability of snow. Our huskies are real „top models“!

Photo shoots with owls in winter with snow are a wonderful experience!


"With Anne you feel really comfortable and you also notice that the animals are not forced to do anything or that they are treated roughly. And Anne stands behind this 100%. You have so much fun and you will never forget such a day. And when the photo gifts arrive at home, you will experience the day once again. I can really recommend such a shooting to everyone. Because what could be better than a memory of this wonderful day with beautiful photos?“

Fascination South Africa

Thanks to its breathtaking wilderness and natural beauty, South Africa is one of the most fascinating countries in Africa and one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

We fly to South Africa every year and organise trips for everyone who likes to be in front of or behind the camera.

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"My absolute highlight was the South Africa trip! I was allowed to be one of three models on the „Going Wild South Africa“ trip. It was all perfectly organised and simply a fantastic week. Anne is an extremely well-organised person and loves her passion for human-animal photography. Not to mention the pictures, they are just bombastically great!“