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My parents gave me the name Anne when I was born on a Sunday in October 1983 in Rostock (Northern Germany).

Today I live with my boyfriend and my two cats near Zurich (Switzerland) and can't imagine a better life!

Berlin-born Lisa has been supporting Nitschke Photography with her terrific Photoshop skills since October 2020. She takes over the elaborate retouching of the photos and excels with her eye for detail. Lisa works part-time as a fantasy photographer and lives with her wife and cats in the south of Germany.

Nicole lives in the beautiful northwest of Germany and also works there as a human-animal photographer. Thanks to her flair for harmonious human-animal encounters, she has been supporting Nitschke Photography since March 2022 with the pre-selection of the photos.

My vision

My story

I started photographing people with animals when I was going through a difficult time. In my encounters with animals I felt so much affection and love that made me forget everything around.

Above all, the animals taught me that a person's appearance needn’t be perfect. They gave me a lot of strength, so I decided not to leave my future to fate any longer. I made a decision that fundamentally changed my life, and I have learned that I have the power to make my own decisions. Today I am grateful that I have developed the strength and courage from negative experiences, thanks to the animals, to finally live the life I want.

My priority